Sunday, November 4, 2012

CyanogenMod 10


* Bluetooth USB dongle support (btusb and ath3k)
* USB GPS support (cp210x and pl2303)
* Xbox 360 gamepad support (xpad)
* PS3 USB gamepad support (hid-sony)
* Generic / chinese (Pantherlord / GreenAsia) gamepads support (hid-pl and hid-gaff)
* OpenVPN support (tun)
* NTFS and ExFat support
* Veno congestion control algorithm

 This will be the latest release. Rom development is now discontinued since I moved to other SoCs
 Spoofed as Nexus 7 (if you have any trouble with Play Store clear both "Google services framework" and "Google play store" data)
* Fixed FC on license check of some games (specially gameloft one)
* Fixed camera picture capture
* Bluetooth dongle now supports hotplug
* Different options under "Settings" if you're using tablet or phablet UI (for example to customize status bar toggles)
* Experimental: older surfaceflinger library, let's see if it really improves performance with some games or it is only placebo
* Re-added move 2 internal SD feature
* Updated upstream sources

How to install :

    Download CyanBook 10 Edition and JB_Gapps
    Place the downloaded files on ur External SD card
    Make sure u have installed CWM Recovery
    Boot to Recovery.
    Backup your current rom.
    Wipe data/Factory Reset* (FULL WIPE IS REQUIRED if you are coming from V1 or any other ROM else WIPE CACHE and DALVIK CACHE !!)
    Go to advanced>> Wipe Dalvik Cache
    Install from SD Card >> Install Cyanbook10
    Boot to OS and reboot to recovery again.
    Install from SD Card >> Install Gapps
    Reboot and Enjoy

Note: when you update to a newer build you don't need to do a full wipe, you just have to wipe cache and dalvik cache

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