Tuesday, December 18, 2012

MicroFire Tools 1.1

MicroFire Tools 1.1

Tool has following Features currently-

Boot logo changer--- Easy UI to change Boot logo so that any one can change boot logo...
Supported Devices :
- Samsung Galaxy SIII
- Samsung Galaxy SII
- Sony Experia Arc
- LG P350
- Micromax A60
- Karbonn A1
 Plz other device users pm me ur device boot.img ( if possible then initlogo.rle )....

Logo.bin files support --- New Simple C compiled program by me included in tool, so
that all editing will b done by tool
what need is that is just a logo.bmp of ur like :P
Supported Devices :
- Motarola Atrix
- Other motarola devices....
It doesn't work.... o_O let me know....

Jar Tools --- By this tool u can easily decompile and compile jar files
In one click.... just like tool for apk files....

Apk Tools --- By this tool u can easily decompile and compile apk files

Bootanimation changer --- Compiled C program by me, by using this tool u can change boot animations, frame speed, repeats, resolutions.. . easily,

Before proceed,
* Only for Windows
* Make sure your path has no spaces
* Your filename has no wierd characters

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